100+ Quotes To Help People With Depression Feel Understood & Not Alone

100+ Quotes To Help People With Depression Feel Understood 100+ Quotes To Help People With Depression Feel Understood

As we at The Depression Project hear from members of our community every single day, it's really, really common for people with depression to feel misunderstood. And, if you can relate, then in this blog post, we've collated well over a hundred different quotes from people with depression in order to help you feel much more understood, and much less alone.

Quotes About What It's Like To Have Depression

  • "Having depression is like having a parasite within you that drains your energy, taking away any joy, hope or meaning in your day-to-day life. It makes you feel numb, worthless and empty, and often it’s just easier to withdraw from people because it’s difficult to explain to them what's going on and exhausting to try to appear as if all is well. I feel as though I am stuck in a dark, deep, lonely hole that I'm desperately trying to find my way out of."
  • "Depression is the absence of joy in absolutely everything - including in your favourite people and all the things you used to enjoy."
  • "Depression is a feeling of not wanting to live, but you also don't want to die, either."
  • "Depression is extreme mental pain ... it makes you feel worthless, hopeless, alone, ugly, exhausted, stupid, embarrassed, empty and that no-one loves you. And the worst part is that you just can't see a way out of this hell."
  • "Depression is like a deep hole and once you're in it, you feel nothing! I can see the lights if I'm lucky, but most of the time I'm just trying to breathe."
  • "It's like somebody three times your weight is sitting on you ... and each time you try to get up they slap you, whilst the people around you ask why you are letting them do that."
  • "Depression is not just a 'phase' - it can go on for months or even years, and you can't just 'snap out of it' no matter how desperate you are. It feels like you're trapped in a dark hole like others have said, and no matter how much you try to search for the light, you can't seem to find it. It's completely exhausting, and sometimes, you are too numb inside to feel any emotion or to even know who you are."
  • "I don't know how to describe depression, except to say that it is so, so much more than just being sad. I wish more people who don't have depression understood this and stopped comparing the two."
  • "I compare depression to trying to turn on a lamp when there is no electricity."
  • "Having depression is like sitting on the bank of a river watching life continue over on the other side - but you can't cross to join in."
  • "It’s pretending that you’re functioning when you’re not. It’s smiling when you’re trying to fit in. It’s not having the energy to interact with anyone ... it’s feeling like your world is so myopic that you barely exist. Your routine is a haven - it’s predictable, familiar and safe - but it confines you to a world in which you can’t possibly relate to others. Society frowns on mental health, boxing us into submission. If you don’t love the 'go, go, go' kind of life and can’t interact when people want, you’re labeled. That’s when the guilt and shame roll in. And while we cope, heal, rinse and repeat, it’s always a lingering cloud."
  • "Depression feels like you're slowly dying on the inside, but to the outside world, your illness is invisible. Someone has replaced your heart with lead and your blood with concrete, you've had the energy sucked out of you, and you've lost the ability to get excited about anything since even the slightest thing takes the biggest effort. You don't want to be alone, but you also don't want to have to make the effort to be in company. You're tired of being tired. Screaming on the inside. Trying to ask for help but either no sound is coming out or you're not being heard. People avoid you as much as you avoid them. It's extremely lonely."
  • "This illness has consumed so much of me that I don't even recognise who I am anymore. I feel so disconnected from absolutely everything."
  • "What is depression like? Even when I’m happy, I still feel as if there’s something missing. I go through major slumps of numbness, because if I allow myself to feel that depth of sadness, I don’t know how I’d ever get up. Over-sleeping, under-sleeping, over-eating, under-eating ... clearly lacking consistency and stability. I always feel like an outcast."
  • "You have no energy, and no matter how much you sleep, you still feel exhausted."
  • "It’s taking a shower sitting on the floor of the shower, because you don’t have the energy to stand up and do it, but know you still have to get ready for work. It’s waiting until the last minute to get ready and get dressed before you leave. It’s digging deep in order to function at work and then all but collapsing once you get home - sometimes bypassing eating because you just don’t have the energy left for it. It’s not responding to your friends' calls, texts and messages because you don’t have the social battery for it, and when you finally get around to doing so, you feel bad for taking so long. It’s not showering for days because even the thought of such things exhausts you. It’s letting yourself go in ways you wouldn’t normally do, and then feeling even worse about yourself as a result."
  • "Depression impacts how my brain works (or doesn't). I have a hard time speaking, listening, remembering, thinking. This negatively impacts my self-esteem and confidence, making me feel like I can't 'handle life'. Without that confidence, it is hard to be hopeful about the future."
  • "It's not being able to open emails and letters. It's needing a clean house to reduce your depression but having no energy to clean. It's always feeling flat and close to tears, but you don't know why. It's not being your best self for your family even though you want to be. It's disorganisation and a general apathy to things that require your attention. It's sleeping too much or sleeping too little. It's a lack of self-care and not finding joy in the things you used to."
  • "Depression for me can be increased brain fog / difficulty concentrating. Small “things” that normally would not bother me are magnified. I find that I stay in my head and 'play negative tapes' over and over again."
Depression quotes to help you feel understood - "I feel invisible while the world carries on around me ..."
  • "Depression is like a captor. Every day that you try to live your life, something is taken from you. Every place you try to go, you are lead astray. Each person you meet sees only a glimpse of who you really are. Each time you attempt to get out, depression keeps you contained. Like I said, having depression is being held captive."
  • "When it gets really bad, depression convinces you that there's never truly a light at the end of the tunnel. You think you see one, but it’s just an illusion. You may feel a tiny glimmer of happiness . . . A fleeting moment of ultimate serenity . . . And then the darkness folds over you and you are engulfed once again. It’s the same ending every single time. It never changes. There is never a final, glorious victory, and depression makes you believe there never will be."
  • "Depression is like the dementors from Harry Potter, sucking all the joy out of life."
  • "I have all these goals and ambitions, but depression is like a weight holding me down, making it such a struggle to achieve even the littlest thing."
Depression quotes to make you feel understood - when you have depression you make plans to do everything, but then ...
  • "You're so consumed with depression that it's difficult to concentrate and remember things. I've forgotten friends' birthdays, what I ate for breakfast, things that I've bought and things that I'm supposed to do."
  • "You get called 'lazy' by people who don't understand why you can't manage to clean your home or get out of the house. They don't understand how exhausted depression can make you feel and how it kills your motivation. At least with a physical illness, most people will help and support you - but for depression, you get judged and criticised which makes you feel even worse."
  • "Depression is like a rain cloud hanging over you constantly. Even though it could be a sunny day, that cloud keeps raining on you."
  • "When I wake in the morning, it can take me three hours to get out of bed to make a brew. I feel emotionally drained and the smallest of tasks seems like such a huge chore. I usually don't answer the phone or the door, and often don't bother to wash. I've gradually lost interest in everything. I've socially withdrawn. Each day, I long for the evening when I can sleep and be oblivious to my emotional pain once again."
  • "Does anyone else have trouble sleeping at night? All the negative thoughts keep me awake, the ones about me being not good enough and a failure and useless and worthless. It makes me like a zombie the next day and I feel even more depressed."
  • "Depression leaves me powerless. I get overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. I have no confidence. I feel worthless. And the worst part is that I don't know how anything will ever change."
  • "Depression is torture because on the one hand you hate feeling alone and are desperate for support, but on the other hand you're scared of being judged and of people thinking you're a burden."
  • "Being awake is uncomfortable (both emotionally and physically), and there's neither energy nor motivation to do anything. So, I just spend hours not really awake, not really asleep. I don't get rested, time just passes, and it passes at randomly varying speeds."
  • "Depression is deception. It's not wanting to burden your loved ones with your pain, so you have to adapt your emotions to appear to be different to how you truly feel. Depression is being the loneliest person in the world even though you're surrounded by people who love you. I could go on and on, because depression is not just one thing, it's a whole bunch of different things."
  • "Depression has made me have a really short social battery. It doesn't take much for me to feel drained and then need to go home to rest and recharge."
  • "When you have depression, everything becomes heavier. Every single thing."
  • "I loathe the person depression has made me become - messy, disorganised, bad hygiene, alone, overweight from comfort eating, and being too exhausted to get out of bed let alone exercise. This illness is torture."

Quotes About Why It's So Hard To Explain Depression To Other People

  • "Unless you have depression, you can't understand it. Most people think they understand ... they think it's like when they feel sad ... but everyone with depression knows that it's nothing like that. You have to work so hard to hide it, because so many people just don't understand."
  • "Not even my family gets it. My dad just told me to 'grow up' when I told him I had thoughts of suicide. I can’t even begin to explain how shocking and painful that was."
  • "Depression is so inexpressible. When you are in the middle of a deep depression, your thoughts are nonstop, and you can't find the words. And, sometimes you may try to explain to someone, but they don't believe you. They think you're attention seeking, think you're making it up and then use it against you. The mental health stigma is UNREAL."
  • "People think you can snap your fingers and be happy, but that’s just not true! It's hard to imagine they'll ever understand, so I close myself up and don't even try anymore."
  • "Since my depression is what some people call 'high functioning', most people don't believe I have it."
  • "People who haven’t experienced depression or other mental illnesses will often judge you based on their ‘everyone has bad days’ mentality. I rarely try to explain depression to anyone anymore, other than to say it’s a far more complex issue than 'just a bad day’, and that I’m glad they don’t know much about mental illness because that means they haven’t suffered through it."
Depression quotes to help you feel understood - "I don't understand what's happening inside my own head ..."
  • "In my experience, there are so many misconceptions about depression out there, and many people aren't open to try to actually understand what depression is."

Quotes About How Alone Depression Can Make You Feel

  • "Depression makes me feel detached. Withdrawn. There's nobody to talk to or to listen. I feel totally isolated. It's like being in a shell that people look into but don’t see."
  • "Depression is like living inside an invisible bubble of misery and pain. You feel isolated, even with people around you. If you try to explain, it's like you are talking another language that no-one understands, or wants to understand. In the end you retreat into yourself, as you just don't have the energy for anything or anyone."
  • "Depression makes me feel lonely because I feel detached from everyone and the world around me. I know there are people who will support me, but I find it difficult to reach out, so then depression makes me feel that no-one cares (even though I know that's not true). To be open and honest is sooo hard! Even in a room full of people you can feel alone."
  • "I have tried the open and honest route to someone I love and trusted and got told that I'm a lying, deceitful, attention-seeking person and that hurt so very much so now I'd rather just be in my depression."
  • "Depression is so lonely :( I know that those who love me try very hard to understand. And I try very hard to help them understand. But when I start to slip into a depression, I isolate. To be honest, it's more for those who love me than for myself."
  • "I distance myself because I don't trust anyone anymore because they don't even understand what I've been going through and I feel like I am invisible though I am with my friends and family. It's hard to explain because sometimes I feel blank and I can't identify what I am feeling or thinking."
Depression Quotes To Help You Feel Understood - "when you have depression, you get judged and put down ..."
  • "It's like sitting in a cage with glass bars, watching others live good happy lives, knowing you don't belong with them but desperately wanting to join them anyway, reaching out between the bars to try to touch them but no matter how long your reach is, they're just a little further. It's knowing with absolute certainty that you don't fit in, there's no place that will accept you, and there's no point in trying anymore."
  • "Depression makes me perceive that friends and family don't like me, or want to spend time with me. Depression also tells me that I don't deserve friends or love so I push people away. Even when I'm trying to remain in contact and close ... when they say things I twist it and find a way to take it negatively. I end up feeling so alone because I've chased everyone off or think that they no longer care for me."
  • "I feel isolated from people even when they are around as they do not understand what depression and anxiety truly are. They think you are making it up, trying to get attention or are trying to get out of doing something. Nothing can be further from the truth!"
  • "Depression makes you feel lonely because you don’t want to talk about those black days since you feel like a burden, so you keep it all inside."
  • "Yes, depression does make you feel lonely. You hide it for so long that people expect that the mask you wear is how you actually feel ... so when you open up and finally admit the smallest part like 'I'm sad', they say things like 'no you're not you're just having a bad day,' or 'but you were fine an hour ago ... what's changed?' So, you go back to hiding it instead and become a bed burrito hermit until it passes just enough to put the mask back on again."
  • "It makes me feel lonely when others who have never dealt with depression don’t understand it. I feel like I have to put on a fake persona around people so that I’m not bringing them down too so that they don’t try to 'fix' me. I also feel lonely because I feel like reaching out again and again is tiresome, and so I often suffer alone."
  • "Depression makes you feel like an outcast. I have never felt so lonely and isolated in my life. It is exhausting. I fake to be happy so I look somewhat normal to fit it. Especially at home so there aren't any negative comments given."
  • "I find that loneliness often stems from buying into false beliefs that I’m supposed to meet standards I’ve created for myself in order to be sufficient for the people I care about. If I’m not able to be the person that I believe they want me to be, feeling inadequate can lead me to isolate in order to play it safe. It’s the idea that I don’t want to burden them with my inability to meet their wants or needs, so I buy into the lie that it’s better to not be around them. I forget that these same people are aware of the fact that I struggle and still accept me on my rough days. It can be hard to remember that they really are content with me simply being present with them and that I don’t have to meet the standards I’ve created for myself."
  • "I often feel unlovable / unlikeable. I feel horrible and a waste of an existence, there is no reason for me being here, nothing good no positives. I remove myself because of the above and that I need to end my life. By removing myself people stop calling, they get fed up and bored with me. In the end I have created this for myself making me feel worse but at the same time I don't want people about. I want this to be over, I don't want this."
  • "Yes, depression makes me extremely lonely at the worst of times. It's difficult because of stigma and others close to me who just don't understand at all. The pressure from them to constantly take pills and put on a smile when I'm hurting so they don't complain about me is often exhausting."
  • "You are slowly consumed by the voice in your head, the replays of conversations, the reminisces of old memories, the constant chatter makes you unable to be with others because you are so exhausted by 24/7 noise you have no energy or words to add to conversations, slowly people stop calling or inviting, you stop smiling at yourself in the mirror and your world gets smaller until one day, it’s just you and your head. Your loneliness consumes you like a vacuum, like all the air is gone."
  • "Depression loneliness = being in a room with a lot of people you know and love but feel totally alone. The feeling that no-one truly likes you or cares about you because how could they when you don't even like yourself."
  • "If I’m honest, my loneliness is self-inflicted. I don’t want to have questions asked of why I’m not myself, whatever that is. So I distance myself and that is in turn, lonely."
  • "Depression does make me feel lonely. I feel that way because when I'm at my lowest, I feel like I am alone in the world and that I am the only person who has depression (which I know is incorrect)."
  • "I'm apathetic to almost everything around me right now. Everything I used to love (with the exception of music) is annoying the hell out of me. I isolate as much as I can because I have such a short fuse, and I don't want to snap at people. Everything rubs me the wrong way. Everything makes me want to cry."

Quotes About What The Most Frustrating Things About Depression Are

  • "I'm sick and tired of toxic positivity - hearing the unwanted and insensitive advice of 'get over it' or 'just cheer up'."
  • "People don't understanding that depression is not something you can easily overcome by just doing 'x', 'y' or 'z'. I'm tired of folks thinking it's just a way to get attention. Or I'm being lazy. I'm tired of hearing, 'pull yourself up by your own bootstraps'. Sorry, people, I don't even have boots let alone any dang bootstraps to get ahold of."
  • "What's the most frustrating thing about depression? For me it's the fact that so many symptoms of depression make it very, very difficult to act against that mental illness - like lack of motivation. It's like the illness protects itself so you can't cure yourself."
  • "For me personally, the most frustrating part is that I put on a pretty good show of a happy face. I use dark humor a lot. So, no-one really understands when I’m struggling. If I mention some serious problems, they don’t understand that it was hard for me to even tell them that much. For example, I told two good friends that I have suicidal thoughts, and one of them said: 'you shouldn’t joke about that'. Um, it wasn’t a joke. I was being serious."
  • "For me it’s not having the energy to do the things I need to do. I feel like my kids suffer because they have a mom who’s depressed and doesn’t have energy to plan things or do things a normal mom would. I also hate the brain fog. It’s so hard to concentrate and get things done for me, especially at work. I feel like my co-workers think I’m being lazy, but I literally just can’t think clearly most days. I only look forward to sleeping."
  • "I hate received unsolicited advice from clueless, thoughtless people. It's also infuriating when people tell you that 'others have it worse' - like having a crap time is some sort of competition when it isn't."
Depression quots to help you feel understood - "no-one understands, but they still shove their simplistic advice down my throat"
  • "The worst is when you feel like a complete burden, and when people get fed up with you. I have friends that don't want to listen because it makes them a little uncomfortable."
  • "If I had to pick the most frustrating thing about depression for me, it's memory loss - especially when I'm trying to have a conversation with someone and I can't find the word I want to say. It’s not only frustrating but embarrassing. I had ECT treatments a few years ago and lost some memories, but sometimes I also struggle to grasp words. It took me 5 minutes the other day to remember my daughter-in-law’s name."
  • "It's so hard to express how you feel without your family/friends thinking you need to go to a ward. I’ve had suicidal thoughts, but never have I ever thought about carrying them out - yet my people don’t understand that."
  • "It sucks not getting the enjoyment that you once got out of things. Feeling like you can't talk to anybody about your depression because you don't want them to be sad for you. Feeling like a burden to those you love. Always feeling like you are misunderstood. People not believing there is anything wrong because it's not a visible illness or because you've learned to mask it so well and you can be highly functional at times. These are just some of the things that are frustrating about depression."
  • "What’s frustrating about my depression is that it’s always there and sometimes I don’t always know why. Sometimes there just isn't an obvious trigger, but I still feel depressed."
  • "Personally, I think it’s when I’ve just come out of a depressive episode and I have to clean up after myself. These is so much mess to face. And, it can be hard trying to reconnect with people after having been isolated for so long."
  • "Having to cancel plans your not-depressed self made. I missed Mardi Gras this year because of an episode... so sad and frustrating."
  • "I have a constant fear of slipping back into a depressive episode no matter how healed I am. It's maddening."
  • "For me, the most frustrating thing is watching my life dwindle away. I had so many things I wanted to do, but it would seem life had other plans for me. Also, the guilt of not being able to have a career and have the nice things others do haunts me."
  • "Depression is just so completely debilitating. Your body reacts too, by aching and almost shutting down. I hate feeling so hopeless when I feel depressed. It is really hard to lift out of."
  • "I wish I could understand what's going on in my head and express it to others, but I can't."
  • "The most frustrating thing, I think, would have to be not being able to find a great psychiatrist. I'm lucky to have found one that believes in teaching his patients. Medication alone won't fix the problem. Your diet, the amount of exercise you get, the amount of sleep you get, along with fresh air and much, much more all play a big part in your mental health. And of course, you have to want to find a way out of your dark hole. You have to be willing to work really hard at it. But it's so, so worth it!"

Quotes About The Self-Sabotaging Behaviours That It's Common To Engage In When You're Depressed

  • "I don't feel as if I'm worth anything, so I don't let other people love me."
Depression quotes to help you feel understood - "I buy things to cheer myself up, but ..."
  • "When I'm depressed, I turn to comfort food and over-eat. I am so much heavier than I was before the depression took a strong-hold."
  • "I self-harm because depression makes me feel numb and I get desperate to feel something. I also do it as punishment. Depression gives you lots of reasons to hate yourself and feel you deserve it."
  • "When you have depression, you don't always do things that you need to do, even if they will benefit you in the long run."
  • "Isolation is definitely one of them. It's a constant struggle to find equilibrium because you crave love and affection, but you also want to be alone. You push people away when you actually need them."
  • "Comfort eating ... utter lack of motivation ... brain fog ... self-medicating with alcohol  ... ignoring things like bills until push really comes to shove."
  • "Leaving very important tasks so late that they cause a major problem."
  • "Cancelling plans with friends."
  • "I overthink EVERYTHING, so if someone's tone changes even the slightest, I convince myself they are mad at me and push them away by questioning everything! As hard as I try to stop it, I can't! It's exhausting not only for me but those around me!"
  • "I take on too much to get my mind off of things and then have a break down after realising I've taken on too much."
  • "Lack of self-care. I'm guilty of this and it makes my mental health worse."
  • "Bottling up all of my emotions, lashing out at others when they don't deserve it, and then feeling bad about myself."
  • "I bite the skin around my nails. My fingers are always bloody. Same with my lips - I pick at the dead skin."
  • "Not eating or over-eating. Not wanting to shower or groom yourself. Staying up all night or sleeping all day."
  • "Getting too comfortable isolating myself. It's gotten to the point where I have zero friends now."
Depression quotes to help you feel understood - "I push good people away because I don't know how to be loved"

Quotes About What Simple Tasks Can Be Overwhelming When You're Depressed

  • "When you're feeling depressed, everything in daily life feels overwhelming. And I mean EVERYTHING."
  • "The simplest of things feel like climbing a mountain ... brushing my teeth, showering, changing my clothes, cooking food ... you name it, it's overwhelmingly exhausting."
  • "It's overwhelming to talk to people. I just want to stay in bed all day."
  • "When I'm feeling deeply depressed, washing my hair and applying face products is beyond my capacity."
  • "Going to my kids' school activities and sports, family functions, going to the store ... it takes absolutely everything out of me."
  • "Cleaning is unmanageable ... in particular the bathroom/toilet. At the moment my room looks like a bomb has gone off."
  • "For me, some of the daunting tasks that feel overwhelming during a depressive episode are my college work and all the 'basics'. Getting out of bed is hard because I lack the energy."
  • "I find it overwhelming to go outside and get the mail. If my letterbox is starting to overflow, then it's a sign my depression is getting bad again."
  • "When you're feeling really depressed, cleaning your house is more overwhelming than anyone could possibly imagine. Friends and family think you're lazy and messy, but really, it is so overwhelming to do anything but sit around and wait for the storm to pass."
  • "The most overwhelming thing for me is washing my hair, and the longest I've left it was over 3 months. I knew I had to wash it, I could feel the grease, but I was too mentally / emotionally drained to do so. My mum didn't understand that part and thought I was lazy - which is the worst thing to be told, especially by your own mum."
Depression quotes to help you feel understood - "Literally everything is overwhelming when you have depression ..."

Quotes About What The Most Common Obstacles To Overcoming Depression Are

  • "Often you know the things you need to do to get better, but you're so consumed by depression's symptoms that you're unable to do anything but just barely survive."
  • "I lack access to effective help (therapy, etcetera). Where I live, if you don't have money, it's almost impossible to get treatment."
  • "It's really hard to get better when you don't have a practical support system."
  • "The biggest obstacle is the difficulty to start loving yourself after feeling like a "loser" for so long. Then the stigma which makes people ashamed to ask for help and/or emotional support from loved ones (if you have them ...)"
  • "My biggest obstacle with my depression is how I portray myself. My self-esteem is very low, which makes me think I’m not good enough for literally anything, and that I don’t deserve good things that come my way."
  • "Apart from battling the illness itself (as if that wasn't enough), depression comes with financial battles - the inability to work enough for a financially sustainable life, yet not being considered 'ill enough' to get some invalidity pension or other support. I'm constantly on the cusp of a total financial breakdown."
  • "The denial stage ... we must acknowledge that we're really not OK and then seek help."
Depression makes you have low motivation, which makes it really hard to overcome depression
  • "Fighting the same battles on a daily basis, having a good day then two bad days. The constant battle."
  • "One of the biggest obstacles I have found is people not understanding what I'm dealing with and making their own assumptions of what I need to do and should do to overcome it. Some people are just so judgemental that they don't realize the comments they've made are hurtful or insensitive, which makes the situation worse. I end up being closed off or end up not asking for help because of the reaction of others. There's the saying 'reach out" or "speak up", but yeah, that hardly works for me."
  • "It's really hard to find the motivation and strength to get started on a recovery process, mainly because admitting the problem exists is the biggest and hardest step to take. I’m still struggling with breaking the ice and taking that first step."
  • "It's so hard to find the energy to fight when you don't believe you'll ever beat it. And at the moment, the mental health system is so undeveloped it's hard to even get in to see somebody."
  • "I don't think life is set up to be supportive of mental health in most societies. You can’t afford to take time needed to just have a break, recharge, and put your recovery first."
  • "When you have depression, you lack energy. You lack motivation to do something, anything, to feel better, no matter how small. You isolate. You push others away. It all makes it so hard to get better."
  • "Doctors only give you medication and nothing else. Meds can be helpful, but they don't get to the root cause of your depression. That takes therapy - which is too expensive for most."
  • "Finding the right people to be around you while you’re trying to figure out your mental state. Especially romantic partners. Reassurance and support, I believe, is a massive help in changing your way of thinking and going through the process of healing."
  • "Lack of rest and time to think things through, having to carry on with everything takes all of your energy. Therapy, treatment, etcetera all takes time, energy and money that I sorely lack."
  • "For me personally, drug use gets in the way of my recovery. I think it's what I need to make me feel better, but then the next day it's all still the same, so I get f****d up again. And the cycle goes on. I'm trying to get clean and I'm doing well, and being sober is helping me process my emotions and feelings with a clear head."
  • "It can be hard to believe that you can actually get better. Depression can really make you doubt this."
Quotes to help people with depression feel understood - there's very little professional help for people with depression ...
  • "Money. My husband would be dead if my parents had not come up with the £25,000 cost of private inpatient treatment after his 3rd suicide attempt. As a counsellor who has worked in the NHS, I feel fully able to say that the mental health system we have is unfit to the point of actually making things worse. If someone needs long term therapy and all that is provided is three sessions because that’s the limit of NHS resources, it can leave a client even more vulnerable than before. Those three sessions might have brought stuff into the open that is then just left unprocessed and retraumatising. I worked mostly with teenagers, and the number of times I had to sensitively ask if there was any spare money to put into private counselling was too high. But after six sessions with me (kids in our area got six, adults three), it was so often obvious that this young person was still really suffering / at risk. So, in short, money."
  • "Depression won't let you keep a job, but you need a job to afford treatment and meds, and without the meds you can't hold the job. It's a vicious cycle."
  • "Exhaustion and lack of motivation. It's almost impossible to do the things you need to do to get better when you can hardly get out of bed."

Can You Relate To Some Of These Quotes?

If you can relate to some of the above quotes, then we really hope that after reading through them, you feel a little less alone, and a bit more understood - as this was the #1 goal that we at The Depression Project had in putting this collection of quotes together.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

P.S. We also have lots of other resources available as well to help you feel more understood, less alone, and to help you overcome depression, including:

Additionally, we also have our Depression Bootcamps - which, using leading, evidence-based principles from cognitive behavioural therapy (including specialised forms of CBT such as DBT and ACT), will teach you the skills you need to know in order to seize control of your life back from depression!