Reframing The Negative Thought "I'm A Burden"

Reframing The Negative Thought "I'm A Burden" - The Depression Project Reframing The Negative Thought "I'm A Burden" - The Depression Project

Like we often talk about at The Depression Project, it's common for people fighting depression (and anxiety and other mental health issues) to experience the negative thought "I'm a burden".

However, like we also often talk about, just because you have a negative thought like "I'm a burden", it does not mean that it's true!

And, to help you see this, right now, we'd like to share with you a free excerpt from our cognitive behavioural therapy-based journal You Are Not A Burden.

You Are Not A Burden

Free excerpt

When it comes to freeing yourself from the negative thought “I’m a burden”, a helpful question to ask yourself can be:

Is there a more positive, self-compassionate, accurate way that I could be looking at things?

Asking yourself this question is an example of implementing a cognitive behavioural therapy technique known as “cognitive reframing” or “cognitive restructuring”, and the reason why it can be so helpful is because there usually is indeed a more positive, self-compassionate, accurate way of viewing things!

In particular, the negative thought “I’m a burden for being in a low mood and needing support” could be reframed as, for example:

  • “It is OK to not be OK, and in the same way that I wouldn’t judge a loved one who needs support, I shouldn’t judge myself, either. After all, friends and family are there to uplift each other.”
  • “My loved ones are now supporting me just like I have supported them in the past, and just like I will support them in the future if and when they need me to.”
  • “Over time, EVERYBODY will experience difficulties in which they’ll need the support of their loved ones. Right now, it’s a time when I need support, and when it’s my loved ones’ time in the future, I’ll be there to support them.”
  • Depression / anxiety / PTSD / another mental illness is the burden – not me – and I did not willingly choose to suffer from this.”

Journal Prompt: How could you reframe your negative thought “I’m a burden” in more positive, self-compassionate, accurate ways?

End of free excerpt

We hope you've found this free excerpt from our You Are Not A Burden Journal helpful, our friend.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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