How Gratitude Saved My Life

In this book, I'll share with you how gratitude played a major role in me overcoming depression - and show you how it can do the same for you!

Written by Danny Baker of The Depression Project

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Hi there!

My name's Danny Baker - I'm the co-founder of The Depression Project, and in case you don't know, from 2008-2012 I struggled with life-threatening bouts of depression that led to alcoholism, drug abuse, medicine-induced psychosis, multiple hospitalisations, and I was suicidal on more days than I'll ever remember.

Yet throughout this whole experience, I always felt very lucky, fortunate and grateful.

That might sound really hard for you to believe, my friend, given that I was struggling with such a severe case of depression. But it's the truth.

And, the reason why is because throughout my whole battle with depression, I always practiced gratitude.

This made all the difference in the world for me, because it gave me the positive attitude I needed to be able to navigate my way through the darkness, and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

And, not only did gratitude help me conquer my depression, but in the nine-years-and-counting that I’ve been 100% depression-free, it’s helped prevent me from relapsing back into depression as well.

And, throughout all those depression-free years, practicing gratitude has been one of the biggest reasons why I’ve felt so healthy, happy and full of love for my life.

If you struggle with depression, then I really believe that practicing gratitude can have a similarly profound impact on you - and to show you how to practice gratitude in such a way that it does so, I wrote this book.

Here's exactly what you'll learn by reading it:

  • How gratitude literally saved my life on November 15, 2010.
  • You'll learn how gratitude was able to play such an enormous role in helping me overcome my depression; not relapse back into it; and build such a happy, healthy, depression-free life.
  • You'll learn the mindset shift you need to make to instantly fill your life with gratitude - which will lead to you feeling much more positive, uplifted and content as a result.
  • You'll learn 5 simple yet powerful ways of practicing gratitude during those times when your depressive symptoms are at their absolute worst - which will give your mood an immediate boost.
  • You'll learn 10 additional strategies to cultivate deep, long-lasting levels of gratitude - which will result in you being able to think more positively; have healthier relationships; experience much more joy, pleasure and contentment; feel much less jealously, dissatisfaction and misery; and ultimately, lead to you taking a big step forwards towards overcoming depression.


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When you buy this book, you'll also be invited to join our 800+ member Depression School Private Facebook Group - where you'll be able to interact with other people with depression, as well as watch Q&A videos hosted by professional counsellor & Depression Project co-founder Mathew Baker to help you overcome this illness!

Why should you trust me and The Depression Project?

With 1,000,000+ followers on Facebook, 1,000,000+ on Instagram, and our posts having been viewed over two BILLION times on Facebook alone, The Depression Project is one of the world's most popular mental health organisations.

Additionally, I also have a proven track record of writing really helpful and insightful books for people with depression. For example, have a look at some of the reviews below for my Amazon UK Top 100 bestselling memoir Depression is a Liar - which tells the story of my struggle and eventual recovery from depression.


See what other readers have said about Danny's writing

This book is LIFE CHANGING, I have told so many people to read it!

Great therapy in this riveting read ... I couldn't put it down.

Awesome. Inspiring. Thought provoking. I see a more hopeful future.

If you suffer from depression ... do yourself a huge favour and read this. It was like having a shaft of light suddenly lighting up a cloudy world.

I was so inspired by your determination and strength in winning your war with depression ... I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of any experience they have with mental health.

By far THE best book I’ve read about depression!

As someone who struggles with depression on a daily basis, reading this book was a real breath of fresh air.

Your circumstances brought tears to my eyes ... in compassion with what you went through ... You are an absolute marvel and an inspiration to those who read this book. So compelling, I had to read it a second time.

Thank you Danny for helping me get my life back.

Helped me more with my depression than anything else ever has!

Danny's book is a lifeline in prose.

The most inspiring book I've ever read.

Not only is How Gratitude Saved My Life tipped to be just as impactful as Depression is a Liar, but to completely put your mind at ease, like every other book, workshop and online course in our Depression School, How Gratitude Saved My Life also comes with a no-questions-asked, 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee!

If you have any questions about How Gratitude Saved My Life, then you're welcome to email me directly at [email protected] If not, then I hope you choose to read this book, because I know you're going to find it really, really helpful.

All my love,

Danny Baker

Ex-depression-sufferer, and co-founder of The Depression Project
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How Gratitude Saved My Life

In this book, I'll share with you how gratitude played a major role in me overcoming depression - and show you how it can do the same for you!

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  • BONUS! You'll be invited to join our Depression School Private Facebook Group!

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