In What Ways Can Nostalgia Make You Feel Depressed?

In What Ways Can Nostalgia Make You Feel Depressed? In What Ways Can Nostalgia Make You Feel Depressed?

A little while ago, The Depression Project asked our 3,000,000+ person social media community in what ways nostalgia can make you feel depressed. And, we'd like to share some of the responses with you below.

In What Ways Can Nostalgia Make You Feel Depressed?

  • "Nostalgia depression happens when you long for a time when you didn't feel depressed all the time."
  • "Personally, I have been having issues with strong nostalgia causing waves of severe depression. Especially since I turned 40. It's like this intense but sinking feeling knowing I'll never ever live through certain parts of my life again. Things that were once important and a part of my everyday world, long gone and forgotten. So deeply sad."
  • "I tend to look back at all the 'good times' in a past relationship (I'm thinking in terms of a break-up perspective with relation to depression), but completely shut out anything that was negative that led to the ending of the relationship."
  • "Missing a loved one that’s no longer alive and having only the memories."
  • "Remembering the once happy life you had, the joy of some bond and how life was pretty simple and easy going - knowing fully well it will take ages to get that life back again (if you ever will),"
  • "I look for the old and simplicity in everything around me. Old buildings, old movies, primitive life. I always live in nostalgia and I refuse and reject the actual reality."
  • "I have nostalgia over the reality that my family are now gone or far away. I long for carefree, easier days in the face of a world gone mad."
  • "Nostalgia depression for me just comes from knowing that whatever you're thinking about isn't there anymore."
  • "The way in which the world is going at the moment makes me long for a simpler life."
  • "How can nostalgia make you feel depressed? Because it’s backwards looking, and there’s no hope in past events. When you have depression, you need hope that you have a future and that you're loved. Nostalgia can do the opposite."
  • "I think about days gone by and how I was once the life and soul but am now practically a hermit! It's suffocating!"

If you can relate to one or more of these ways that nostalgia can make you feel depressed, our friend, then we hope that reading through these responses has helped you to feel a bit better understood.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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