We're Creating A
Mentally Healthy
World, Together

Historically, people with depression have been misunderstood, unsupported, and haven't had access to the help they need to get better. But - with your help! - our work is changing that.


We've already helped millions of people be better understood and supported

With 3,000,000+ followers on social media, The Depression Project is one of the world's most popular mental health organisations. And, thanks to our community members loyally sharing our educational, stigma-reducing posts, they've been viewed over 10 billion times.


We also make professional help more accessible for all!

Using leading, evidence-based principles from cognitive behavioural therapy (including specialised forms of CBT such as DBT, ACT and exposure therapy), we've created a wide range of books and journals to help people with depression deal with the most common issues they're likely to experience - as told to us by our community!


Journals For
Negative Thoughts

Every single day, members of our community tell us the negative thoughts they most often struggle with - and in response, we've created this CBT-based journal series.


Something we've noticed from interacting with millions of people with depression is that there are many issues they deal with that unfortunately, are rarely ever talked about. So, in this CBT-based journal series, we shine a light on these issues, and help people with depression to deal with and overcome them.

Journals For
Worrying Thoughts

In the same way we did for common negative thoughts, we're also creating a CBT-based journal series for - according to our community - the most common worrying thoughts that people with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues experience as well.