The "Existential Depression" Journal

Do existential issues trigger your depression?

In late 2021, The Depression Project posed a question to our 2,000,000+ Instagram followers in one of our “stories”:

Do you have your depression triggered by existential things?

Over 27,000 people responded, and would you like to know how many of them answered yes?


Does your depression get triggered by existential things?

And, this isn’t particularly surprising, since, according to our community, “existential depression” can involve intrusive, troubling and unsettling thoughts – such as:

  • “What is the purpose of life?”
  • “After what I've lost, there’s no point being alive anymore.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about death – about what comes after it and what it’s going to feel like.”
  • “Am I living the ‘right’ way?”
  • “Why is there so much suffering in the world?”
  • “Do I really want to keep living in this cruel, unfair world?”
  • “What’s the point in anything if we’re all going to die?”
  • “What if what I’m longing for never ends up happening? What will the point in anything be then?”
  • “Why am I being put through so much pain?”
  • “Surely there's more to life that this?”

And, as a result of grappling with these kind of intrusive, troubling and unsettling thoughts, it’s common for people with “existential depression” to feel, among other emotions:

  • Overwhelmed;
  • Unmotivated;
  • Miserable and full of despair;
  • Hopeless.

Consequently, we at The Depression Project have put together this cognitive behavioural therapy-based journal, in order to help you cope with and in time overcome “existential depression”, so that you can:

  • Feel much more in control of your intrusive existential thoughts;
  • Feel less overwhelmed, unmotivated, miserable and hopeless;
  • Find more meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life.

FAQ #1: Why should I be confident this journal will help me?

This journal is grounded in cognitive behavioural therapy - which in case you don't know, is a leading form of treatment for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, personality disorders, and a wide range of other mental health issues.

Additionally, this journal is also written with the warmth, care, encouragement and insight that, with 3,000,000+ followers on social media, The Depression Project has become renowned for :)

FAQ #2: What format does this journal come in?

This journal comes in PDF Format - which you will be able to download instantly after purchase, and then print off at your home, office or local printer :)

FAQ #3: I see below that I can buy this journal as part of a "set". If I do, then what other journals will I get?

This journal is one of 35 journals that comprise our Complete CBT Journal Collection, which consists of:

1. The Complete CBT Journal Collection PART 1: The "Negative Thoughts" Series:

  • You Are Not A Failure
  • You Are Not A Burden
  • You Are Not Useless
  • You Are Not Weak
  • You Can Overcome Depression
  • Everybody Does Not Hate You
  • You Do Much More Right Than You Realise
  • You Can Have A "Good Life" And Still Have Depression
  • Everybody's Life Is Not Better Than Yours

2. The Complete CBT Journal Collection PART 2: The "Depression Journals" Series:

  • The "Depression Lack-Of-Motivation" Journal
  • The "Depression Numbness" Journal
  • The "Existential Depression" Journal
  • The "Depression Anger" Journal
  • The "Social Media Depression" Journal
  • The "Depression Overwhelm" Journal
  • The "Night Time Depression" Journal
  • How To Do Your Chores When You're "Depression Tired"
  • How To Look After Your Personal Hygiene When You're "Depression Tired"
  • The "Morning Depression" Journal (coming soon)
  • The "Depression Loneliness" Journal (coming soon)
  • The "Depression Fog" Journal (coming soon)

3. The Complete CBT Journal Collection PART 3: The "Worrying Thoughts" Series

  • "Have I Done Something Wrong?"
  • "What If I Have A Panic Attack When I'm Outside?"
  • "What If My Mental Illness Only Keeps Getting Worse?"
  • "What If I Embarrass Myself?" (coming soon)
  • "What If They Leave Me?" (coming soon)
  • "What If I Make The Wrong Decision?" (coming soon)
  • "What If I Get Really Sick And Die?" (coming soon)
  • "What If The Worst Possible Scenario Happens?" (coming soon)
  • "What If I Die And My Kids Have No-One?" (coming soon)
  • "What If My Mental Illness Makes Me Unlovable And I End Up Alone?" (coming soon)
  • "What If Something Bad Happens To Someone I Love?" (coming soon)

4. The Complete CBT Journal Collection PART 4: The "Community Suggestions" Series

  • Hold On, Pain Ends - A Journal To Give You Hope
  • The Foundations Of Trauma & How To Heal From It
  • How To Cope With Sudden Loss

If you choose to buy a set of journals, then you will receive instant access to all of the journals in that set after completing your purchase (you will be able to access any journal that is marked as "coming soon" above as soon as it is published).

For your peace of mind, each journal set comes with a 60 Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

FAQ #4: What if I give this journal a try but I don't like it?

We're extremely, extremely confident that you're going to find this journal immensely helpful. But, just in case you don't, you're protected by The Depression Project's 60 Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Moneyback Guarantee - to completely put your mind at ease.

The Existential Depression Journal Money Back Guarantee

If you have any questions about this journal, then please feel free to click here and contact us so that someone from our friendly team can answer them for you :)

Otherwise, we hope you choose to get this journal, because we know that you're going to find it really, really helpful!

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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