Reasons Someone May Break Down Over "Something Small"

Reasons Someone May Break Down Over "Something Small" Reasons Someone May Break Down Over "Something Small"

In this super short blog post, our friend, we'd like to share with you the contents of a post we made on Instagram a little while ago that outlines some of the reasons why a person may break down over "something small".

Reasons Someone May Break Down Over "Something Small"

  • They're currently in "survival mode", and as a result, their capacity to be able to cope with anything on top of what they're already going through is very minimal;
  • Their past trauma has been triggered;
  • That "something small" meant nothing to anybody else but a whole lot to them;
  • They're been mentally abused in the past and are therefore hypersensitive in social situations;
  • They've been bottling up their emotions for so long and couldn't hold them in any longer;
  • They've had so many things go wrong lately and were really hoping that this thing would go "right";
  • They're so drained that they can't fake a smile anymore.

Key Takeaway: Instead of labelling someone as "dramatic", "extra" or "weak" because they broke down over "something small", it's important that we try to understand why they reacted in this way. After all, like we've said, there is often a lot more going on "beneath the surface" than what's immediately invisible - and, if we're able to understand this, then it gives us the opportunity to offer some much-needed support and compassion.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.