Hold On, Pain Ends

Hold On, Pain Ends

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Never forget that H.O.P.E. stands for Hold On, Pain Ends

At The Depression Project, we know how important it is for you to receive some hope, support and encouragement - to give you a much needed boost when you’re feeling low, and to help you keep going on your darkest days.

So, for this reason, we've put together a special little journal for you called Hold On, Pain Ends.

When you're fighting depression, you'll always be able to turn to this journal for comfort and support. This is because it's filled with:

  • Supportive, encouraging quotes: Each day, The Depression Project emails over 50,000 people a supportive, encouraging quote to help them through their day - and this journal includes all of the most popular ones!
  • Thoughtful, fill-in-the-blank statements: This journal's quotes are accompanied by thoughtful, fill-in-the-blank statements as well – to help you create your very own hopeful, uplifting, re-assuring reminders.

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