A Simple Language For Depression - To Help You Get The Support You Deserve!

There's never been an easy way to communicate how you're feeling to your loved ones ... until now.

Tragically, for many people with depression, the world feels like a cold, unsupportive place.

Since so many people don't understand depression, those who struggle with it are often called "weak", "lazy", and told to "cheer up" or "just get over it". Consequently, instead of feeling supported and cared for, they're left feeling extremely misunderstood, completely alone, and even more miserable than they already were.

A step in the right direction is psychoeducation

To better understand depression, it’s extremely important that your loved ones learn about the illness. To help them do this, we’ve written a letter that you can use as a template to explain to them exactly what depression feels like, as well as the ways you’d like them to support you through it.

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But, although helpful, psychoeducation has a BIG limitation

While psychoeducation helps your loved ones better understand your depression overall, it doesn’t help them understand how it's impacting you at any given moment in time. And, since depression can be completely different feelings at completely different times, it’s still very hard for your loved ones to know how to help you in any given moment.

Not only that, but when you do try to explain how you feel, regular language will often fail you. For example, saying “I’m tired” rarely does justice to how exhausted depression is making you feel - which leaves the person you’re speaking to thinking, “but everyone gets tired – so what’s the big deal?”


The Storm To Sun Framework!

The Storm To Sun Framework solves this problem, since it allows you to instantly identify what state (or “Zone”) of depression you’re in. This makes it much easier for your loved ones to understand how you feel at any given point in time, and as a result, for them to know what to do to help and support you.

Not only can the Storm To Sun Framework help your loved ones understand how you feel at present, but it can also help you explain previous and/or future behaviour.

I’m sorry I cancelled our dinner date last week – I was deep in the Storm Zone that night, and really felt like just being by myself and watching TV in bed.
No, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend the party on the weekend, I’m afraid. I’m currently in the Rain Zone, and to try to prevent myself from slipping into the Storm Zone, I really need to spend a couple of days just relaxing and taking care of myself – instead of faking a smile at a party and pretending I’m OK.

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