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"If you can't find hope, find curiosity in the future"

"If you can't find hope, find curiosity in the future"

Hi there,

Today, we'd like to share with you a quote that we posted on our Instagram page a little while ago:

"In a very low moment, when I saw no hope in the future, my therapist once said 'that's because depression is filtering out everything good right now. If you can't find hope, find curiosity in the future ... curiosity is what depression is hiding from you.' I genuinely believe this comment saved my life ... because it allowed me to see depression's lies and be open to what lies beyond it."

We believe this is a really, really important message to share, because as you may well know from experience, depression can be like seeing the world in black and white, while everybody else sees it in colour.

And, if you're unaware of this filter and believe there's only black and white in the world, then it will undoubtedly intensify depression's symptoms, and can make you feel extremely hopeless.

However, the more you're aware that there is colour in your world - or at least the potential for there to be colour - then it will help remind you that depression is distorting reality, and making everything seem a lot worse than it actually is.

We hope you've found these words helpful, our friend.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

P.S. Like the above quote touches on, there are many, many lies that depression tells you - which is why we wrote a blog post titled 10 Common Lies That Depression Tells You that we think you'll find really helpful :)

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