Signs Your Personality Is Beautiful

Signs Your Personality Is Beautiful Signs Your Personality Is Beautiful

When you have depression, anxiety and/or another mental illness, our friend, it's extremely common to gloss over or ignore your positive traits and habits, and focus solely on what you deem to be your negative traits and habits. And, for this reason, an essential component to self-compassion and self-empowerment is to bring much, much more awareness to your positive traits and habits.

With this objective in mind, right now, we'd like to share with you just a few of the many, many signs that you have a beautiful personality!

A Few Of The Many, Many Signs That You Have A Beautiful Personality!

  • You're warm-hearted - and find a way to connect with (and see the good in) the world around you.
  • You're respectful - no matter whether it's a loved one or a stranger, you treat people with the respect that you believe every human being is deserving of.
  • You seek what is real, genuine and authentic - and strive to act from this place yourself.
  • You're thoughtful, attentive and considerate - and are thereby able to make those around you feel accepted, safe, cared for and special.
  • You embrace the uniqueness and quirkiness of yourself and others - and are in touch with the humanness found in our differences.
  • You remain open-minded - to new experiences, to new people, and new opportunities, for example ... even if the unfamiliar scares you.
  • You keep on going - because you are a survivor, and you have developed a deep and profound level of resiliency.

Of course, like we said, these are just a handful of the signs that you have a beautiful personality, our friend - because there are many, many more!

In saying that, though, we hope you found reading over this short list uplifting.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.