This Is How You Overcome Depression

Learn exactly why your previous attempts to beat depression haven’t worked, and how the Storm To Sun Framework can give you the blueprint to conquer it once and for all.

As you can see below, at any point in time when you struggle with depression, you can either be in the “Storm Zone”, the “Rain Zone” or the “Cloud Zone” of the Storm To Sun Framework.

Your Blueprint To Overcome Depression!

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Storm To Sun Framework is so powerful is because once you understand it, how to treat your depression at any point in time becomes extremely clear. In fact, the Storm To Sun Framework actually gives you the blueprint to overcome depression!

Storm Zone Objective:

When you’re in the Storm Zone and therefore have severe symptoms and a low ability to function, the best way to combat depression is to implement “survival strategies” that give you immediate, short-term relief to prevent it from completely consuming you – and in the worst cases, to prevent you from turning to suicide. Examples of survival strategies include doing pleasurable things that relax you (e.g. watching your favourite TV show), talking to someone you trust, doing a calming breathing exercise, curling up under a weighted blanket, or calling a crisis line.

Rain Zone Objective:

In the Rain Zone, your symptoms are moderately severe, and you have more ability to function than when you’re in the Storm Zone. For this reason, rather than just trying to “survive” depression, you should now try to “cope” with it as best as possible – so that you can function and uphold your day-to-day responsibilities, without getting burnt out or having your symptoms intensify. In order to do this, you need to learn and implement “coping strategies” - e.g. exercising, meditating, journalling, challenging negative thoughts, participating in a depression support group, or practicing gratitude.

Cloud Zone Objective:

In the “Cloud Zone”, your symptoms are mild and your ability to function is high, so rather than focusing on “surviving” or “coping” with depression, the challenge now is to actually “heal” from it – i.e. to clear up the clouds that are still hanging over you, so that they stop bringing on rain or worst of all a storm. This is done by learning “healing strategies” that help you overcome the underlying causes of your depression.

For example, if one of your underlying causes is low self-esteem, then a healing strategy may be to challenge and re-frame past instances which you believe are evidence that you're "a failure". If another one is a painful divorce, a healing strategy may help you to make room in your heart for love again. If a third one is childhood trauma, a healing strategy would help you work through complex emotions surrounding this event.

The Danger Of Not Implementing Survival Strategies In The Storm Zone

Having Depression Completely Consume You:

If you don’t implement survival strategies that give you immediate, short-term relief, then your depression is going to completely consume and overwhelm you – and in the worst cases, it can lead to suicide.

The Danger Of Not Implementing Coping Strategies In The Rain Zone

Burning Out And Falling Back Into The Storm Zone:

If you don’t implement coping strategies that help you function and manage your depression as best as possible, then it's only a matter of time until you burn yourself out, your symptoms worsen, and you find yourself back in the Storm Zone.

The Danger Of Not Implementing Healing Strategies In The Cloud Zone

Never Beating Depression:

If you don’t implement healing strategies that help you overcome the underlying causes of your depression, then you will never beat depression. This explains why some people's depression never improves over time – because while they might learn strategies to survive and cope with depression, at no point are they ever taught strategies to heal from depression.

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