Instantly Understand Your Depression

The Storm To Sun Framework gives you a clear, simple, yet powerful picture of your depression - which can really help you to navigate your way through it.

Because depression can be so difficult to understand, we’re guessing that if we asked you to draw a picture of it right now, that it would look like a big, tangled ball of confusion.

However, you can easily draw a much clearer picture using The Storm To Sun Framework. In case you haven't heard of it before, it's comprised of three "Zones" that at any point in time, people with depression can find themselves in.

Your New Picture of Depression!

At any point in time, you may find yourself in the Storm Zone, the Rain Zone or the Cloud Zone. And, how much time you spend in each Zone gives a clear indication of how severe your depression is overall.

The way your own individual pie chart looks is your brand new picture of depression!

And, now that you can see your depression in this way and easily be able to pinpoint what Zone you're in at any moment in time:

It becomes much easier for your loved ones to understand your depression and to support you through it.
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How to treat your depression suddenly becomes clear - when beforehand, it probably wasn't.
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