How To Get Out Of Bed When You Have Depression

How To Get Out Of Bed When You Have Depression How To Get Out Of Bed When You Have Depression

As many people who fight depression can relate to, when you're deep in a depressive episode, getting out of bed can feel like climbing a mountain :(

So, for this reason, we'd now like to share with you a variety of tips to help you get out of bed when you have depression - as told to The Depression Project, in their own words, by members of our community who know how difficult doing so can be.

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Community Answers To The Question: What Helps You Get Out Of Bed When You Have Depression?

  • "My psychiatrist said that even if I did nothing else all day, I should get dressed before 10. Then go and sit on the sofa under a blanket by all means, but to stay in bed all day would make my mental health worse over all. This has helped on my worst days, even if sometimes it’s midday before I’m dressed. I ALWAYS feel better if I do just that one thing."
  • "Baby steps: first sit, then stretch legs, then get up, then make bed as perfect as possible and then after that, the machine starts moving. And through this process I repeat in my head: "it's not you, it's this illness. Don't be a slave, fight, get up, it's not you! fight!'"
  • "Commitment and determination to provide for my family."
  • "My cat needs feeding, so I need to get up, get dressed & get out for a walk. And, when I do, I feel better within minutes of reaching the path to the beach."
  • "My daughter. As a single parent, I don’t have the option to not get out of bed."
  • "I practice gratitude and also plan in when I’m going to exercise that week. High intensity exercise gets rid of any negativity and makes me feel great. Staying off alcohol is also good. I also try and keep myself busy."
  • "I give myself one small task to do each day. That gets me out of bed and making a start. If I feel better after that task, I do another one, and if not, I chill for the rest of the day. Basically keeping busy keeps my blues away. So, I try to make myself busy."
  • "My dog <3 one of the main reasons I got him was because I care for him sometimes more than myself. Even if I don’t want to get up or eat, I know he still does."
  • "Me giving myself a talking to. Just being kind and telling myself that I can just do the bare minimum to get through the day."
  • "The alternative is staying in bed and feeling even worse. I push myself to get up and get in the shower. I then say at least 3 things I’m grateful for. It has taken a long time, but I have trained my brain most of the time to do this!"
  • "That first alarm that wakes me up for work - I have to get up. The more I lay awake in my head, the more I want to call off of work and stay in bed."
  • "Honestly, my dog, and I’ve found some peace in creating a routine for myself. Making a smoothie for breakfast then taking him on a walk, teaching him new tricks. I never believed in the 'therapy/emotional support animal' but now, it’s so clear to me. He’s my reason on so many hard days."

We hope you find at least some of these suggestions helpful, our friend.

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