15 Cartoon Comics About Depression

Depression Cartoon Comics Depression Cartoon Comics

Sometimes on our Instagram page, we at The Depression Project like to post little cartoon comics in order to help people with depression feel seen, heard, understood, and to share some simple strategies to get better. And, right now, we'd like to share 15 of these cartoon comics with you!

Table Of Contents: Our Current List Of Cartoon Comics About Depression

  1. You're Doing Far Better Than You Think You Are
  2. The "Golden Question"
  3. I Went To The Grocery Store For The First Time In A Month!
  4. "Depression's Glasses"
  5. Loving Someone Who's Suicidal
  6. Depression Makes Me Write Everything Down
  7. Why Didn't You Tell Me You Have Depression?
  8. What Makes You Think I Don't Love You?
  9. "It Wasn't That Bad, They Didn't Mean It"
  10. Depression Numbness
  11. Conflict Brings Me Back
  12. Why Do I Get Triggered?
  13. Crying Is Healing
  14. I Don't Feel Like I Earned My Depression
  15. Loving Someone With Anxiety

Depression Cartoon Comic #1: You're Doing Far Better Than You Think You Are

I feel like I'm falling behind though ... in what way?
I don't know... it's like I look at those around me and see them "ticking the boxes" in life that I'm not
You're not alone in feeling this way, especially in this age of social media. But I'd love for you to ask yourself...
WHO are you actually comparing yourself to?
That is, does this person have the same needs? Had the same challenges? The same upbringing? The same traumas?
If these answers are known, this question often reveals the huge differences between you and them, and therefore the unfairness in comparison.
And if these answers are unknown, this question reveals that you're comparing yourself to an illusion of who you THINK they are... which is often glorified and makes you feel small.
Instead of looking at the person next to you, it's best to look back at the person you were years ago and instead look at how far you've come.
You're doing far better than you think you are.


Can you relate to this cartoon comic? If so, then you'll likely found our "Social Media Depression" Journal really helpful.

Depression Cartoon Comic #2: The "Golden Question"

One strategy you can use to quieten negative thoughts when you have depression is to ask yourself the "golden question".
If a friend was in my position, would I be telling them the same negative, critical things that I'm currently telling myself?
Asking yourself this can help you see that you're being way too hard on yourself. Go ahead - take a moment to give it a try for a negative thought you've had recently!
Oh wow ... that really helps put things in perspective!

Depression Cartoon Comic #3: I Went To The Grocery Store For The First Time In A Month!

It may sound small, but I knew I was coming out of a depressive episode when I went to the grocery store for the first time in a month. Here's why...
When I was in my episode, I tried to take as many shortcuts as I could because I had no energy and things were piling up.
One shortcut I took was cooking. The idea overwhelmed me as was the thought of having a heap of dishes sitting there till I felt up to cleaning them.
I didn't have much appetite anyway, but when I did I'd mainly eat cereal. I stocked up on it from my last visit since it's easy to store and I'd rinse the same bowl each time and leave it out. It's my go to depression food.
Whenever I felt like something different, I'd get food delivered since it again avoided me cooking, doing the dishes, and also going outside.
But when I came out of my episode, I finally had more energy, I was no longer focused solely on survival, and I could see ahead just a little bit further...
And I also wasn't so clouded by the depression fog so I could actually think about what foods I wanted, the ingredients I needed to cook, and could plan meals for the week ahead.
So going to the grocery store was a huge step to feeling like a part of the world again and getting back into "living mode"...
And although it's just a trip to the grocery store, I am proud of myself for still being here and surviving all those darker days where I doubted if I'd be able to do this again.


Can you relate to this cartoon comic? If so, then you'll likely found our "Depression Overwhelm" Journal really helpful.

Depression Cartoon Comic #4: "Depression's Glasses"

I can't see any hope in the future
Can you see anything at all in the future? ... No, I can't see anything... just darkness
What if that darkness was not your future, but a distortion caused by some glasses you had on... what would you label those glasses? ... Depression, it distorts and makes me doubt everything
And if you could take those glasses off, what do you think you'd see? ... Umm... I'm not sure right now
That's okay, I want you to remain curious and continue to reflect on this question...
So often depression can trick one into believing there is ONLY darkness and makes you forget you even have those glasses on
But by bringing awareness to this, you can see this darkness as depression lying to you rather than a reality

Depression Cartoon Comic #5: Loving Someone Who's Suicidal

I can tell that something is up. Do you want to talk?
Lately I have been feeling profoundly alone.
I feel trapped in my mind and want to make everything go away
I no longer want to be a burden to others.
Thank you for sharing with me what's going on. I hear you.
One thing I am certain of is that you are not a burden and you are so loved.
I couldn't be more proud of you and I know you have the strength to get through this.
And I'll be here by your side to keep reminding you of this. You're not alone.


NOTE: If you ever feel suicidal, here are a list of crisis support services that you may be able to call in your area.

Depression Cartoon Comic #6: Depression Makes Me Write Everything Down

Why do you write everything down? ... "Because depression makes it hard to remember things."
"Why?" ... "Because you're so consumed with pain that it's hard to fully concentrate on anything else."
"So it helps to write down all your appointments, deadlines and when your bills are due, for example?"
"Yes, but also other things like whether I've taken my antidepressants that day ... "
"Whether I've walked my dog ... "
"And also any purchases I've made - otherwise I might accidently make them twice."
"Depression can really make you that forgetful?" ... "Yes"

Depression Cartoon Comic #7: Why Didn't You Tell Me You Have Depression?

Wait - you've had depression for years..? Why didn't you say something sooner? ... Because depression is really difficult to open up about.
How come? ... Because it's so hard to put into words just how debilitating it really is...
I've found that unless someone has been through it themselves, then it's really hard for them to understand it as well..
And even if someone does listen and support me, I feel like I'm burdening them with it and feel guilty for doing so.

Depression Cartoon Comic #8: What Makes You Think I Don't Love You?

What makes you think I don't love you?
I know you show me you love me... and a big part of me believes you do... but there's still this small part that questions it.
It's like I have this little voice in my head that tells me I'm unloveable and not good enough...
And even when things are great with us like now, it tells me it's too good to be true...
And sometimes tries harder to convince me you don't love me...
I don't mean to be annoying when I ask you, but sometimes this voice gets too loud and a bit of reassurance quietens it.

Depression Cartoon Comic #9:ÔĽŅ¬†"It¬†Wasn't That Bad, They Didn't Mean It"

It wasn't that bad, they didn't mean it
I think your past has made you have a high tolerance threshold to abuse.
Just because you can cope with it doesn't mean should accept it.
You're worthy of so much better

Depression Cartoon Comic #10: Depression Numbness


Can you relate to this cartoon comic? If so, then you'll likely found our "Depression Numbness" Journal really helpful.

Depression Cartoon Comic #11: Conflict Brings Me Back

When I breakdown during a small disagreement, I don't want you to think it's just me being "too sensitive"...
It's because any conflict brings me back to a time where things would often escalate out of control...
I'd get insulted, yelled at, belittled... It'd always end with me feeling totally worthless and unloveable
I logically know our disagreement looks different to this, but emotionally I still get pulled back to that place whenever we have one...
And while I wish my past didn't impact our present, healing takes time and I'm doing my best to work through it
I never knew that, I'll be sure to be more patient and understanding of this next time
Thankyou, that means so much to me.

Depression Cartoon Comic #12: Why Do I Get Triggered?

But why do I get triggered? ... A trigger is often caused by one of two things...
A core need you have that has been violated or neglected by another
Or a wound from the past that hasn't been healed yet
In both cases, a trigger points you in the right direction by revealing what needs to be resolved to create more inner peace.

Depression Cartoon Comic #13: Crying Is Healing

I'm sorry for crying, I feel so embarrassed...
There's nothing to be ashamed of. Crying is healing...
And I think so much healing can be done together if we give each other space to really feel what we need to so we can grow beyond it.
So I'm proud of you for doing this, I know how hard it is to be vulnerable

Depression Cartoon Comic #14: I Don't Feel Like I Earned My Depression

Sometimes I feel like I didn't "earn" my depression...
I look around and see people who've gone through way worse things than me and question if my depression is justified even though I've been diagnosed and have the symptoms.
It's sort of like I have depression imposter syndrome...
I told my therapist this and they said this is a common feeling as we often believe there must be a very clear painful experience that must be proportionate to our depression...
However for depression, while this may be the case for some, it is complex and has many other ways of developing.
For others, there are many contributing factors that, even if shared by multiple people, can lead to differences in mental health based on our temperament, needs, and experience of it.
Also, it can also start from what may appear as a "small event", but over time it can weigh on you, get triggered by different things, and compound into a mental health issue.
Through my journey with depression, I'm gradually learning to stop comparing myself to others as I use this to shame and guilt trip myself....
Which only worsens my depression... and I need to break this cycle.


Can you relate to this cartoon comic? If so, then we have two resources for you which you'll likely find helpful: our in-depth blog post titled The Biggest Causes Of "Depression Shame" And How To Overcome Them, and our cognitive behavioural therapy-based journal titled You Can Have A "Good Life" And Still Have Depression.

Cartoon Comic #15: Loving Someone With Anxiety

When I ask for reassurance, I don't want you to think I'm annoying or needy
It's because the thoughts in my head taint my reality
My constant self-doubt bottles up over time, making it difficult for me to see clearly
When I turn to you, it's to seek the truth; to feel more secure and safe
It helps distance myself from my anxiety and brings me closer to you
Please be patient with me- it takes time to work through it

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