The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression

Mathew Baker

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So, in case you don't know, telling yourself positive affirmations is a strategy where you repeat a positive statement to yourself over, and over, and over again like a mantra. For example:

“Depression is strong, but I am stronger …”

“Depression is strong, but I am stronger …”

“Depression is strong, but I am stronger …”

Positive affirmations such as these can be really useful when you have depression, since like I explain in the video below, they can help to offset the negative thoughts you’re telling yourself - such as “I’ll never get through this … I’ll never get through this … I’ll never get through this …"

Now, in terms of what the best positive affirmations for depression are, then like I said in the video above, the most effective ones are those that contradict your negative thoughts. And, to help get your mind ticking on what positive affirmations could be effective for you, I've included a wide variety of examples below!

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 1: Positive affirmations to combat worthless thoughts about yourself

  • I am worthy of more than my mind tells me I am

  • I deserve the same compassion I give to others

  • I will always be my own best friend

  • I am enough

  • I am worthy of love and respect

  • I am learning to love myself more and more each day

  • I see the good in me

  • I won’t use my flaws as an excuse not to love myself

  • I feel at peace with who I am

  • I am loved and valued by others

  • I see the beauty in my body

  • I embrace my quirks and find the beauty in them

  • I am becoming kinder in the way I speak to myself

  • I’m a good person

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 2: Positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts about a mistake you've made / something you perceive to be a "failure":

  • One mistake does not define my worth

  • It’s OK not to be perfect

  • I never fail as I always learn

  • I am growing every day

  • I did my best and that’s enough

  • I did the best I could with what I knew at the time

  • I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made

  • I won’t let the past define me

  • One moment does not define who I am

  • I will give myself the same compassion that I’d give my best friend

  • I won’t feel discouraged if things don’t work out the first time

  • I’m at peace with the outcome as I know I’ve tried my best

  • I will remain patient since I know that great things take time

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 3: Positive affirmations to combat hopeless thoughts about the future / doubts about whether you'll free yourself from depression:

  • I will never give up

  • I will continue to work towards the future I deserve

  • I am capable of more than my mind tells me I am

  • I believe in the future I desire to live

  • I can get through this

  • I will beat depression

  • Depression is strong but I am stronger

  • I am unshakeable during difficult times

  • I'm really strong for surviving what I’m going through

  • I am resilient in the face of adversity

  • I have a 100% track record of getting through difficult times

  • I see hope in tomorrow

  • I am prepared to face any challenge that may come

  • It’s just a bad day, not a bad life

  • There is light at the end of the tunnel

  • I will always stay hopeful

  • Depression will not break me

  • I believe in a better tomorrow

  • I see purpose in my future

  • I have the strength I need to get through this

  • My current struggles are making me stronger for the future

  • I believe the best is yet to come

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 4: Positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts grounded in lack of motivation:

  • I am motivated by the future I envision

  • In order to achieve my dreams I need to work hard

  • I am becoming who I dream to be

  • I can do more than my mind tells me I can

  • I work hard towards my goals

  • One step forward towards my goals is one giant leap away from depression

  • My hard work now will pay off in the future

  • I can do anything I put my mind to

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 5: Positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts grounded in negatively comparing yourself to others:

  • I am my own person following my own path

  • I will not compare my "every day moments" to someone else's "highlight reel"

  • Social media is not an accurate representation of reality

  • My goal is to be the best version of myself I can be

  • I won't allow outside noise to distract me

  • I'm running my own race with my own timeline

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 6: Positive affirmations to combat negative thoughts grounded in the shame that depression can make you feel:

  • It's normal for depression to make it difficult to function

  • I survived today and that's the main thing

  • I am not lazy

  • I am not weak

  • I am not useless

  • My struggles are a reflection of depression, not me

  • My depression does not define me

  • I will be patient with myself as I heal

  • I forgive myself for what I did in "survival mode"

  • I will adjust my standards to accommodate for depression's symptoms

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 7: Positive affirmations to combat worries about the future:

  • I won't allow tomorrow's worries to destroy today's peace

  • I am grounded in the present

  • My fears are not my future

  • I will only focus on what I can control

  • I will not focus on "what if's?" that may not happen

  • I can tolerate the uncertainty of tomorrow

  • It's enough to take proactive steps towards my goals

The Best Positive Affirmations For Depression, Part 8: General positive affirmations to help you combat negative thoughts:

  • Just because I have a negative thought, it doesn't mean that it's true

  • Depression is lying to me

  • I will not buy into depression's lies

  • My negative thoughts are not facts, they're fiction

  • My negative thoughts aren’t an accurate reflection of reality

  • I am safe

  • I won’t allow my fears to overpower me

  • I will let go of thoughts that no longer serve me

  • I won’t internalise the negativity of others

  • I won't believe every thought that enters my mind

  • I recognise each thought is just one perception of an event

I really hope you find at least some of these positive affirmations helpful!

All my love,

Mathew Baker,

Professional Counsellor & Co-founder of The Depression Project.
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