A Little Story Of Life After Mental Abuse

A Little Story Of Life After Mental Abuse A Little Story Of Life After Mental Abuse

Below, our friend, we'd like to share with you a little story we recently posted on our Instagram page of life after mental abuse.

A Little Story Of Life After Mental Abuse

I feel trapped, like I'm wearing a sweater that's too tight ...

But I'm also happy ... because I've just met this amazing person, and they really seem to like me!

But the closer they come, and the more they compliment me and want to be with me, the tighter my sweater gets.

It's shrinking, making it hard to move ...

So, I push my new friend away - as much as it hurts me to do so - because it's the only way to stop the sweater getting smaller.

I want to rip it off - to fight my way out of it - to show my friend how happy I really am underneath. To show them my true self.

But last time I let my guard down, I got hurt. Really badly.

So, I push this amazing person further away, for my safety, in case I get hurt again. 

And now, the sweater is a bit more comfortable.

But I feel guilty, and I can't stop crying.

Key Takeaway

Pushing people away and keeping them at arm's length is a protective response for many people who have been mentally abused.

If you can relate, our friend, then please rest assured that you are not alone.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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