You're Not Lazy - You're In "Depression Survival Mode"

You're Not Lazy - You're In "Depression Survival Mode" You're Not Lazy - You're In "Depression Survival Mode"

Right now, our friend, we'd like to share with you a little story that we recently posted on our Instagram page about being in "depression survival mode".

You're Not Lazy - You're In "Depression Survival Mode"

Someone turns up to a therapy session in a state of deep exhaustion ...

They're struggling to do the little things like having a shower ...

They can't concentrate on their work and they feel like they're just staring at a screen for hours ...

They've let go of healthy habits like their exercise routine ...

And they tell their therapist they're ashamed of themselves for these struggles and that it's their fault because they're lazy.

However, the therapist challenges this assertion by highlighting that they're still showing up every day, doing their best, and pouring all the energy they have into things.

Then they tell them:

"You're not lazy, you're operating on empty - you only have a limited amount of energy, and right now, you're using it all to survive."

If you can relate and are also in "depression survival mode", then please be kind to yourself, and don't judge yourself by the same standards as you would when you're in "living mode".

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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