A One Minute Story About "Nostalgia Depression"

A One Minute Story About "Nostalgia Depression" A One Minute Story About "Nostalgia Depression"
Every now and then, I lie on my couch and look through old photos - like those of me playing sports in my childhood; laughing with some friends in a high school classroom; drinking at parties on college campus; or of everyone throwing their hats up in the air at graduation - full of pride and confidence and ready to take on the world.
When most people look through pictures like this, they're happily reliving old memories. But me? I'm grieving the loss of the life I had before my depression.
The life that I'd give anything to have again.
The life that, because of this ghastly illness, I'm scared to death is lost to me forever.

As common as it can be to have nostalgia for a life before depression, we'd like to share with you a real-life update from Depression Project co-founder Danny Baker:

"The above words were true for me in 2008, but these days, I’m happy, healthy, and have been depression-free for the last 10-years-and-counting. Life can be good again - I promise you."

We hope you've found this little story and its accompanying message from Danny comforting, our friend.

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

P.S. If you'd like help to get back to the life you had before depression, then there are plenty of resources on this website that we think you'll find useful :)

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